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Presentation Skills: Sharing Content

Presentation Skills: Sharing Content


This activity is useful as an add-on to lectures, talks or presentations to make them more interactive and memorable. An interactive pause used during or after a lecture stops the current flow of content and allows the audience to do something about what they have just learned. This helps them to go over the content quickly and also participate before the speaker moves  on to more complex topics. This exercise is an example of such an interactive pause delivered at the end of a lecture or a talk.


Audience to share the content they learned about or share their questions with each other


  • Divide the participant into pairs
  • Ask the pairs to share a piece of information with each other. Examples are:
    • Share one question that you have about what you have been taught so far
    • State three things you now know that you didn’t know before
    • State one thing that you will do based on what you have heard in this talk or presentation
  • Optional: You can ask the groups to share their best exchanges with the rest of the class. 


Explaining the Exercise: 2 minutes.

Activity: 10 minutes

Group Feedback: 2 minutes.


You can ask the audience to share their questions if they are still unsure about certain topics.