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Communication Skills Exercise: Coaching

Communication Skills Exercise: Coaching


The aim of this exercise is to increase individual’s confidence in their own capabilities and talents. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with others in a constructive and structured way.


A group of participants are asked to act as “Coach” and teach the other group.


  • Split the group into two subgroups. One group is chosen randomly to act as coaches while the other group act as students.
  • Each coach is assigned one student.
  • Each coach has 1 minute to decide what special subject they want to teach their student. This does not have to be an academic topic, it can be anything from playing a musical instrument to drawing, being good at video games or even cooking.
  • Each coach has 5 minutes to teach his or her student about the chosen topic.
  • At the end of five minutes, each student rates the coach on coaching skills including the ability to understand student’s learning style, delivery of the information (choice of words and examples) and ability to answer questions.
  • The coach with the best rating will win a prize.


Explaining the Exercise: 5 minutes.

Activity: 15 minutes

Group Feedback: 15 minutes.


Discuss with the group how this exercise helps understanding and recognition of others abilities and how it facilitates the process of team building and effective communication.