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Quick Team Building Games

Quick Team Building Games

This article introduces you to a series of fun team building ideas and activities. They can be used as icebreakers on their own or as part of other training exercises. These exercises can be adapted to many different settings from schools playground to management meetings, seminars, presentations and most importantly soft skills training courses. Training exercises such as those described below are not only useful for encouraging team work and communication within organisation but also to engage participants in discussions and reflecting on the points made clear during activities.

Team Building, Sales Exercise

The facilitator presents the group with a simple object such as a pen, a notebook or a tie. The group then has five minutes to come up with a thirty seconds jingle to sell the object to the facilitator.

Communication Exercise, Team Building Exercise

Group members have to arrange themselves in a line according to their age from eldest person in the front of the line to the youngest member at the back of the line. The participants are not allowed to use any verbal communications, however they can use body language to rearrange their positions.

Icebreaker, Creativity Exercise

Each participant chooses a letter of alphabet, they then have 3 minutes to come up with 3 words that explains their personality. Each word must start with their chosen letter, e.g., Calm, Caring, Capable

Team Building Exercise

Divide the group into 2-3 subgroups. Ask each team to write down 5 items they would put in a box which would be representative of our civilisation when found by aliens. Each team then has to discuss and defend their choices within the group.

Icebreaker, Energiser

Get the participants to write down their favourite holiday destination on a piece of paper without their names. The trainer then distributes these papers randomly between all participants. Each member has to read the holiday destination and guess who wrote it. This is a feel-good exercise since it gets people to think about happy times.