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I’ll Show You My Full Colours

I’ll Show You My Full Colours


The aim of this activity is to increase a person’s awareness of how they see themselves. The idea is to explain the effect of one’s self perception on their confidence level and how they are perceived by others.


Delegates should describe their personality in five words.

Things you need

  • A4 sheets to the number of delegates
  • Brightly coloured marker pens, black ordinary pens such as Bic pens. Make sure that all delegates have access to more than one pen or marker pen.
  • Blue tacks or magnets for sticking up the sheets on the wall or white board later on.


  • Each delegate should write down their name and five characteristics that describes them best on their sheet of paper. The characteristic could be any term such as kind, materialistic, ambitious, team player or anything else as long as they are honest and true to one’s personality. Delegates have 3 minutes for this task.
  • Stick the papers on the wall or whiteboard or just spread them over a large table. Notice if delegates have used plain black pens or coloured marker pens for their writings. Some may have draw colourful flowers next to their name while others used Bic pens for their names.
  • Ask each delegate to write one nice thing about other delegates on their sheet of paper.


Explaining the Test: 5 minutes.

Activity: 5 minutes

Group Feedback: 15 minutes.


Discuss how participant’s perception of themselves may show in their writings, both in their choice of colours and the words used in describing themselves. Encourage delegates to discuss how their perception of themselves affect the way they are seen by others.