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Body Language Exercise: Miscommunication



This exercise highlights the importance of body language in communication.


Delegates should speak and listen while avoiding smiling and eye contact.


  • Delegates work in pairs:
    • Person A: To talk about his/her hobby for one minute and to avoid smiling
    • Person B: To listen with interest and ask questions if want to.
  • Delegates in each pair then swap places:
    • Person B: To talk about his/her hobby naturally.
    • Person A: To listen without any eye contact or asking any questions


Explaining the test: 5 minutes.

Activity: 7 minutes

Group feedback: 5 minutes.


If more time is available, both people in the pair can experience both situations.


Discuss the exercise by asking delegates the following questions:

  • How did they feel at the end of each conversation?
  • Did they feel ignored, frustrated or insulted?
  • How could the situation be improved?
  • How body language affects communication and binding?
  • What other methods can be used to provide an enjoyable and flawless conversation?