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Memory Exercise: The Hunting

The Hunting


Use this exercise as an icebreaker and a warm-up session. You get the delegates to interact with each other and use their memory and cooperation skills.


  • Collect the following items from other members as quickly as possible.
    • Mobile Phone
    • Coffee cup
    • Pen
    • Driver’s License
    • Receipt of purchase
    • Lipstick
    • USB Memory Stick
    • Family Photo
    • Marker pen
    • Spoon
    • Magazine
    • Pair of Glasses
    • Watch
    • Keys
    • Book

Note: As a facilitator, you must make sure that the delegates are in possession of the above items.


  • Divide the delegates to a number of groups. These groups will compete with each other over a defined prize. The group that collects the items sooner wins provided then can remember where they got the items from.


  • You can’t leave the room.
  • You can’t get more than two items from each person.
  • You must remember who you got the item from (Association).
  • You can talk to everyone.


Explaining the test: 5 minutes.

Activity: 10-12 minutes

Group feedback: 5 minutes.


Instead of using items you can use experiences. For example, find a person who knows how to program computers, or find a person who knows how to play a guitar. Again you need to make sure that some delegates have these skills for the game to function.


Follow the exercise with a discussion on how each group performed, how they cooperated and how they asked for the items they were looking for to get maximum results.