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Weekly Slogans

Weekly Slogans

In Chapter 14 of Focused Determination, a motivational technique is presented which we call “Weekly Slogans”. These are inspiring quotes or “Slogans” that you choose for personal motivation. As described in the book, you need a collection of them so that you can use a different one each week. A list is provided in the book (in Appendix B) which is included below.

As indicated in the book, this page is where you can submit your favourite weekly slogans so that other readers can get inspired by them while preparing and extending their own personal lists.

  • Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured
  • My best work is my next work
  • No matter what happens tomorrow, I am happy today
  • You cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do
  • How much is the fish?
  • What a man can be, he must be
  • It will be what it will be
  • Focus on causes that are bigger than yourself
  • Everybody is looking for something
  • Nothing lasts forever
  • Focus more on lost sales than losing money
  • The chase is better than the catch
  • Stay hungry, stay foolish
  • Hindsight is always 20/20
  • Practice deliberately
  • Give and you shall be given. Take and you shall not.
  • If it is not working, do something else
  • There is no spoon
  • Your name is a brand. Your brand is a community.
  • What did you do, what result did you get?
  • You worry about yourself
  • You are defined by the communities you belong to and the ones you don’t. I am definitely this, this and this but not that, that or that.
  • You never know what worst luck your bad luck had saved you from
  • I can’t believe I was so lucky that I didn’t win. It was way too close.
  • Fortune comes to the prepared mind
  • Self-education is the only education I know
  • Respond to every call that excites your spirit
  • How can I be unhappy, if I exist
  • Don’t paint to sell