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Storytelling Exercise for Kids: Puppet Show

Storytelling Exercise for Kids: Puppet Show


Storytelling and the ability to develop a character is an important part of a child’s development. This exercise helps kids telling a story without worrying about not knowing where to start.

Here, you provide a set of random characters so each person has a doll, a puppet or an action figure in his hands. The story is then primed based on what they have got. It will also make it easier for them to develop the story when they have a physical representation of the character in their hands. Kids also get to practice puppeteering while going through their storytelling which further immerses them in the story and engages more of their senses.


Tell a story based on the character you picked from the box.

What You Need

  • A collection of puppets, dolls, action figures or stuffed animals. Choose everyday characters as well as those that exist only in a fantasy world.
  • An empty box so you can place these characters in it.
  • A piece of cloth with a whole to cover the box.


  • Ask kids to come forward one by one and pick up a random object from the box without being able to see what they are picking. It is important for their selection to be random.
  • Once everyone has a character, explain that in this exercise the aim is to make a story based on these characters.
  • To kick start the story, pick a character yourself from the box. Then elaborate on the setting of the story and talk about this particular character, its life and its thoughts.
  • Next, ask who wants to continue your story with their own character.
  • While each kid is telling his story, encourage him to act it out using the puppet, doll or action figure they picked.
  • Make sure other kids pay attention to the story because it is important to make one consistent story throughout the exercise.
  • Continue one by one until everyone has contributed to the story.
  • At the end, highlight important points about storytelling and character development. Make sure to praise them on their storytelling and puppeteering skills.


Explaining the Exercise: 5 minutes

Activity: 2 min storytelling per person = 20 minutes for 10 kids

Group Feedback: 0 minutes