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Training Materials FAQ

What does each training course material include?

Each package contains the following:

  • Specific course guideline
  • General guide on methodology and best practices
  • Slides
  • Course workbook
  • Script/Course notes
  • Handouts
  • Exercises
  • Course outline
  • Recommended readings
  • ... and other resources such as feedback forms, certificate of achievement, etc.

Find out more about what is included in our training materials.

What version or formats are supported?

All editable material comes in two formats:

  • doc/ppt/xls format used in Office 2003 
  • docx/pptx/xlsx format used in Office 2007 and future versions

When you order training materials from us, the collection of files that you receive contain both versions in separate folders. The course materials are designed using Office 365. The latest version released is Office 2016. The files are backward and forward compatible with Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. They are converted to Office 2003 for those who prefer to use this version instead. Documents are in MS Word, slides are in MS PowerPoint and with some courses MS Excel files are frovided as extra content or handouts. 

If you are interested in editing our training materials, you can use any of the available versions such as Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016. If you are using Office 2010 or later versions, you can take advantage of all the editing functionality that the software provides to modify the content. Using Office 2010 or later is not a requirement and you can use other previous versions to edit the content as well.

Microsoft released a software update for those who use Office 2003, so they can also edit image compositions made using "Smart Art" in Office 2003 without the need for later versions. If you are using Office 2003, you are advised to use a free upgrade from Microsoft to view MS 2007 files with MS 2003  which allows you to edit the content more efficiently.

Can I edit the course materials?

Certainly. You receive unlocked source files such as Word and Power Point that you may use to edit or even export to any other format of your choice. Our intention is to make it easy for you to use the content and we believe the more accessible the digital content, the easier it is to use it.

Can I mix your content with my own to make it more focused?

Yes you can. You receive the Training Materials in editable form and the generous license allows you edit the content as you wish. However, you are not allowed to sell the combined training material directly to other trainers or training organisations who would then use it to deliver the training.

Are you planning to provide more courses?

Absolutely! We have a variety of courses in the pipeline and they will be made available on a regular monthly basis. Please check back soon for more exciting courses designed with customers’ needs and requests in mind. You can tell us what you need by voting or contacting us.

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Do you have samples of your training materials?

Yes. We provide samples of slides, workbooks and trainer notes for each course. See each corresponding course for details.

I am in charge of the training department of a large organisation. Are your products suitable for us? Can you provide discounts if we purchase your entire catalogue?

Yes indeed. We have many big brand multinational companies that buy our entire catalogue. We design our training materials with the following specific needs in mind:

  • Designed to address common problems in business environments. They are designed for a variety of business environments to address common workplace issues founds in most companies. These are based on the latest research on management, psychology and productivity.
  • You can edit our training materials. Large organisations usually have a dedicated training department that caters for their staff training. They usually desire to provide tailored training based on their specific market, staff skill set and common issues identified in their organisation. To accommodate this need, we provide fully editable training materials. You can easily edit and customise our training materials to tailor them to your specific needs.
  • Our full catalogue contains the most commonly needed subjects that you may require. As a large organisation, you will need to address a variety of topics from management, to interpersonal skills, to customer services, sales, etc. Our full catalogue covers all of the important topics that you would require and so as a set of courses will give you access to a large amount of training content that would matter most. This means you don't have to pay for obscure subjects that you would never need. We always focus on designing courses on training subjects that are most important to address and that would provide the highest return on investment to a company.
  • You can mix and match. We design our courses in a way so that you can easily mix and match topics across courses to create new custom courses.

Despite the high quality of our training materials, the flexibility and the care that goes into designing them, we offer them at incredibly affordable prices. In addition, to purchase the entire catalogue, we can offer you 50% discount. You can purchase the training materials directly from our site using credit/debit cards or we can invoice you and you can then pay by bank to bank transfer. 

Why so much emphasis on quality?

We think obtaining training materials is all about saving time. If you have to go through a myriad of locks to access the content or simply receive a few slides and no comprehensive detail on how to run the course, then you have to spend your own precious time to make the course deliverable. We believe this defies the point of purchasing training materials and you might be better off making your own course from scratch.

This is why we think obtaining cheap or low quality training materials would not help any customers who seriously want to grab a course and quickly prepare to meet the demands of the market. It would be simply a waste of money as you have to spend time improving the content yourself. Instead, we believe in quality at affordable prices. We think very hard to make sure that a customer can quickly prepare to deliver a course within days of purchasing the material by going through detailed instructions on how to run the course, how to pace it and to deliver in such a way to leave a positive impact on delegates.

This is our passion and we are constantly using your feedback combined with our experience to improve the design of our training materials so you can spend a minimum amount of time to prepare for them. Find out more about our training materials design process.

Can I deliver a one-day course over multiple days?

All courses contain a number of well-defined sessions. Each session has a specific objective, theory and appropriated exercises to make sure delegates learn the skills during the course. You can easily deliver a course over multiple days by selecting a sub-set of the sessions included in the course. Since the courses comes in an editable format, this is extremely easy to setup based on your needs and delegates.

Can I brand the product with my own organisation’s name or place my own logo on it?

We offer one of the most generous licenses in the market. We own the content, but we license you to its specific use which means you can add your own logo and brand the content based on your own organisation’s policies.

What are the main features of training course materials?

  • Comprehensive package contains all you need to deliver a course
  • Your right to customise, edit and modify the content as you desire
  • The license lets you mix and match the source material with your own content and use it for distribution to your delegates
  • Print-on-Demand ready
  • Unlimited reprinting rights
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Receive all source files in Office 2010/2007 & 2003
  • Stylish design makes these courses stand out from the competition
  • Easily explain complex topics using elegant illustrations, graphs and diagrams included with each course
  • Buy and download in minutes for rapid delivery

Who buys from you?

Our products are bought by a wide range of professionals form various industries. In particular, you can greatly benefit from our products if you are a freelance trainer, HR training manager, training agency, staff manager, trainer, consultant, educational teacher, researcher, manager or facilitator.

Our training materials are used in many industries such as the following:

  • Retail industry 
  • Airline industry
  • Corporate HR training
  • Engineering
  • Finance and banking
  • Estate agents 
  • Call centres 
  • Frontline customer service
  • Hospitals and the medical profession 
  • Local council training 
  • Business schools
  • Rehab and facilitation centres
  • International charity organisations 
  • Police, law enforcement, sheriff training and private security
  • Food industry and catering
  • Universities & colleges 
  • Research organisations
  • And many others 

We cater for all sizes, from single freelance trainers, to SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) to large multi-national organisations. Please see a selection of our customers and their testimonials for further details.

What would I gain by using your Training Materials?

By buying Training Materials, you get a head start in your design life cycle. Due to the generous licence we offer, you can easily modify the content and enhance it based on your own needs. At such affordable prices you gain a tremendous amount of time rather than spending your own resources to develop training materials. In addition, we can leverage our expertise in these domains and you can take advantage of freshly researched material thought based on the latest training methodology and accelerated learning principles. In short, we are simply here to save you time and we make careful decisions when designing the product to make sure the content can be picked up by a trainer quickly so it can be delivered to clients as rapidly and as effortlessly as possible.

I modified the script notes in MS Power Point. Can I view them in MS Word or PDF format?

Yes. You can export the MS Power Point slide notes to a MS Word document and you can also save the MS Word as PDF if you have PDF conversation software installed. For MS 2007 you can use their free downloadable Save as PDF feature. Later versions of MS Office from 2010 onwards have a built-in "Export to PDF" function which you can utilise. 

To export the notes in MS PowerPoint to MS Word, use the following instructions:

  • Open the slide in MS Power Point
  • Select Menu->Publish->Create Handouts in MS Word
  • A dialog window appears that you can use to select a desired layout used to export the notes to MS Word.
  • Press OK. This will generate a MS Word file which you can use as script. This may take several minutes and the fall size can be large.

I have changed my email address. What should I do to receive the newsletter in my new email?

The best way to manage these options is to register on our site. The newsletter is sent to the email you use at registration. If you have changed your email, simply login to the site and click on your username displayed at the top of the page to go to your account page. Here, you can set your new email address as well as other details. You can also opt in or out of receiving the newsletter. See below.

I just registered on your site, but did not receive a verification code?

When you register on our site, you will receive an email which contains a link to confirm your email address. It also contains a verification code. You can use the link or the verification code to complete your registration. If you have not received this email, it is likely that it has ended up in your junk mail or spam folder. Please check to make sure it is not there. To receive a new verification email, please register again.

I have changed my email address. What should I do to receive the newsletter in my new email?

The best way to manage these options is to register on our site. The newsletter is sent to the email you use at registration. If you have changed your email, simply login to the site and click on your username displayed at the top of the page to go to your account page. Here, you can set your new email address as well as other details. You can also opt in or out of receiving the newsletter. See below.

Do you have a downloadable product catalogue?

Yes, a PDF version of the latest Training Materials Product Catalogue is available. The catalogue contains a summary of course descriptions. For extensive details on each course, including samples and syllabus, please visit the corresponding webpage for each product.

Is your training materials suitable for use in my country?

Our soft skills training courses focus on improving general communication skills, productivity and management. Any examples provided are designed to be suitable for an international audience so indeed you can easily use them in your country. We tend not to use references to local companies that international customers may not be familiar with so that everyone can use the materials. If we provide case studies, we usually give examples of multi-national companies that many are familiar with. If you have any specific case studies, you can easily add them to the course based on your training needs. 



FAQ for Buying Training Materials and Resources


E-Commerce & Ordering FAQ

What happens when I order?

When the payment is processed, you will be directed to a confirmation page and emails with download instructions will be sent to you immediately once payment is processed. By purchasing, you agree to Terms & Conditions. The system is live 24/7 and your order is handled rapidly and automatically.

How are the training course materials shipped?

Once you purchase a product, we will send you emails immediately which contain download instructions. You can use the links to download the products from anywhere you are in the world. Hence, you can order our products from anywhere in the world and expect to get them immediately after purchase. 

Can I use a debit card?

Yes you can. For details see the payment guide here. Select your preferred secure payment during the checkout. Please use your card's billing address in the address field even though the products are sent to you digitally so that your card can be processed successfully.

How soon will I get the materials?

As soon as the transaction goes through, you will receive emails with download instructions to get the training materials. In most cases this is within minutes. 

Do you offer a discount if I buy more products?

Because we value our customers, we offer an attractive discount when you purchase several products in a single transaction. For details please see how it works.

Will I receive anything in the post?

No, the Training Materials are delivered to you digitally. You will receive an email with instructions on how to download the products.

Do you have a price list or a catalogue of your products?

The best way to see the details of our products is on our website along with the price of each product in a number of popular currencies. All of our training materials are listed here. In addition, we also provide a PDF catalogue of our products with prices and a short description for each course.

What are your payment options?

The fastest way to purchase our products is by using our shopping cart. We accept all the major credit and debit cards. Simply choose the “Pay by Credit Card” during checkout and choose your card from the drop down list. Alternatively, we also provide payment by PayPal. Please see the credit card processing options available to you. We can also invoice you where you can arrange for a bank-to-bank transfer. We accept funds internationally. See these instructions on how payment by invoice is arranged and how to request an invoice.

Can you send me an invoice? Do you accept Bank to Bank transfer?

Certainly. We support BACS in the UK and can also accept funds internationally using SWIFT. Please submit a request for invoice and we will send you an invoice which contains all the necessary instructions on how to transfer the funds. Once funds are received, we will send you the download links for products you have purchased.

Can I send you funds internationally? I don't have access to my company credit cards, how can I pay?

The easiest and fastest way to obtain the products is by using credit cards either directly or through PayPal. However, we also support Bank to Bank fund transfer. The most common standard is to use SWIFT which is internationally recognised. Please contact support and let us know what products you are interested in and we will send an invoice to you which includes further instructions on how to make SWIFT transactions. You need to contact your bank in regard with making SWIFT transfers to obtain further details. Once funds are received, we will send you the download links for products you have purchased.

What currency will I be charged in?

The payment processing is handled via PayPal, our payment processor, and as a result you will only pay in your local currency. When you go to the checkout, before the final payment is processed, the payment processor converts the shopping basket's total price in Pounds Sterling to your local currency using the latest conversion rates. This is handled automatically and it is very easy to follow.

My Internet connection is slow. Do I get a chance to download again?

Once you purchase a product, you receive a download link that is active for a specific amount of time. You can resume downloading even if you are disconnected from the net during your download attempts. If you expect to get many disconnections, we recommend that you use a third-party download manager which will optimise your download experience. In any case, if you were still unable to download the files, you should contact support and we will assist you.

My credit card / debit card is not listed in the form. How can I order?

Please review the credit card processing options available to you. We can also send you an invoice for bank-to-bank transfer. Please see these instructions on how to submit a request for an invoice. If you still need assistance, please contact support.

I don’t have an account with PayPal. How can I pay?

To pay online, all you need is your credit card details and an email. You need an email to track your online transactions as well as being able to receive the products you buy from Skills Converged after the payment is processed.

You can pay using your credit card directly by following these instructions.

For your convenience, apart from standard credit-card processing, we also support PayPal which make it incredibly easy to purchase goods online. You only need to open an account once and use your own account to purchase anything from that point onwards. They also provide payment protection when you spend online so you can have a peace of mind when shopping.

You just need an email to open an account with them which will not take more than a couple of minutes. For instructions see PayPal buyer guidelines.

When you want to purchase the first time, an online form is provided to you where you need to enter your credit card details securely and proceed with the transaction.

With these systems, the process is quite straight forward and since you only have to set them up once, it will increase your productivity when buying anything else online that support these systems.

I am in a large organisation and want to buy products from you. I don’t have access to our company’s PayPal accounts. Can I pay over the phone?

We process orders through our online website as everything is handled automatically and securely. You still need to receive the products through an email anyway, so we think this is the easiest system to use. If you are in an organisation without access to their accounts, you may use the following options as used by our customers in this particular situation:

  • Use your own PayPal account and then put the cost as expense for your accounts department.
  • Use your credit card details and your email and quickly open an account with PayPal . Then claim the payment back from your organisation.
  • If none of the above is possible, ask your accounts to send us a purchase order or simply use this form to requst for an invoice. We can then invoice your accounts department and use BACS, SWIFT or other bank-to-bank transaction systems to process the payment. This may take longer than paying online using the shopping cart system.

I just ordered a product but haven't received anything? How long does it take to receive the emails? 

If your payment processing has been successful and exchange of money has actually taken place, you will immediately receive an email with instructions on where and how to obtain the products. If you have not received the emails, either the payment has not gone through successfully or the emails have ended up in your spam. Please check your spam folder and see if you have received the emails. If you have not received any email from us and you are sure the payment has been processed, please contact support and we will assist you.

My credit card order was declined. How do I order?

There are various reasons why a card may be declined. If you select Payment by Credit Card in the shopping cart, a form appears where you need to enter your card details. A common reason for decline is that the address provided in the form does not match the billing address of the card. This is required for security reasons. Since our products are delivered digitally we don't use this address to ship to you, but you need to enter it accurately for the transaction to go through.

If you still experience problems we provide alternative methods of payments. You can request for an invoice and pay by bank-to-bank transfer. 

I need a receipt for TAX purposes. Can you give me one when I purchase online?

Sure, please purchase the product using our e-commerce system and then contact support with your request. We will then send you a receipt in PDF format for your purchase which you can use for your accounts.

I cannot download the product I just purchased. The connection keeps dropping. What should I do to get the product?

It is possible that your internet connection to our server gets disrupted. A great solution is to use a download manager which resumes download from the last point when the connection is dropped. For this, please use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers which have a built in download manager. Both are free.


FAQ for Legal Use of Courseware and Training Materials


Legal Matters FAQ

What are the terms of use?

For comprehensive terms please look at terms & conditions.

Where can I obtain privacy policy?

Please view Privacy Policy for details.

Can I translate the training materials into another language?

You can translate the content into a language of your choice for delivery to your delegates and your clients in a training environment. Fair exclusions exist, such as, you can’t produce derivative products that compete with the original. For more details, see terms & conditions.

Can I use the images on your website on my site? I like to use your images to promote my courses.

No. You cannot use images you find on our website in any form as part of your marketing either online or in print catalogues. For details on how to use the content and images provided in the training materials please see terms & conditions.

Can I publish your free content or use them in my products?

The free training exercises and articles on our site are provided to you so you can enhance your training courses or use them for self-learning. We appreciate if you link back to us as a reward and motivation for us to continue updating the free section. No content from the site (text or images) can be republished elsewhere online or in print, as part of a product, for product advertisement, for commercial gain or for free. . If you have any specific requests please contact support.

Is your e-commerce system secure?

We use PayPal payment processing system which use secure SSL transactions for safe online shopping.

Do you record my credit card details?

Your credit card details are not stored on our system in any way to protect your privacy and security when purchasing online.

Can I use the course material in my own slides and workbooks?

Yes indeed. We aim to make your life easier. You can add your content to our training materials or use a session of our training materials in your own content. You can print the workbook as many times as you like for your delegates. The only exception is that our training materials cannot be resold directly for profit; they can only be used for delivery of training courses which is what they are designed for.

If you are not sure what your account department needs to know or still have questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to contact support.



FAQ for Train the Trainer Self-Study Course


Train the Trainer Self-Study Course FAQ

What is the best way to explore the free training content on your site?

We have written a comprehensive self-study course on training delivery. This course contains 20 lessons, each exploring a critical training topic in detail and linking to a variety of content on this site as reference. This allows you to explore all related content in one place. We constantly receive feedback and emails from many of our readers who have found this course very useful and educational. As more content is added to the site, we will update these lessons, so you can always use them as reference in the future as well.

How can I share my views about the lessons? Should I email them to you?

We are always interested to know what you think of our training products and content. Knowing what you think allows us to provide quality products in the future. Please share your views by email.

I have registered on the website. What should I do now to receive the self-study course?

You don’t need to do anything. If you registered on the website, you have been added to the list and you will shortly receive the first part of the self-study course. To make sure that spam filters don’t cause any problems, please consider adding our email address to your whitelist senders.

Do I have to send each lesson’s homework to you?

Each lesson contains a set of questions as homework. The homework helps you to analyse and question your own training performance and relate it to the content of the lesson. The self-analysis will help you to understand which areas you need improve on and what specifically you need to do about those areas. Ideally, at the end of each lesson, you should end up with a number of well-defined actions. You should then schedule these actions to make sure you carry them out.

Some readers like to send their homework to us by email. If you think this will help you to complete your homework (using this as a self-imposed discipline) then by all means send them. We will do our best to get back to you though since we have many readers this can sometimes be overwhelming for our staff. Nevertheless, we are always interested to hear about your views and in particular what you think of each lesson.

I have not received lesson #X?

The funny thing about spam filters is that they are sometimes temperamental! It is quite possible that they might let 5 lessons through and suddenly decide to filter lesson #6. To avoid missing lessons, please consider adding our email address to the list of safe senders. In any case, you can always contact us for any specific requests and we will be happy to assist.

What do I get if I subscribe to the site?

We provide many training resources and services for free. You will receive our popular train the trainer self-study course, downloadable training resources, sample courses and a subscription to our newsletter to receive further training lessons and new product updates.

Can I get a certificate at the end of this self-study course?

No. To issue a certificate we need to assess you. Please consider our online train the trainer course where upon completion you will receive a certificate with CPD accreditation.



FAQ for Train the Trainer: Core Skills - Interactive Course


Train the Trainer: Core Skills - Instructor-Led Course FAQ


What makes this course unique?

Over two days, the course teaches you the most important principles of training. It helps you build a foundation on which you can teach with ease. You will learn how you can prevent almost any problem if you focus on having a solid foundation.  The course is not a lecture and you will learn how to avoid lecturing when you train people yourself. Delegates receive real life coaching and get to develop new teaching skills and a confident approach to training. The course is fun, educational and packed with examples and case studies. After this course, you will look at training differently knowing you are equipped with the most proven and pragmatic methods that actually work.  

What are the main benefits of the course?

There are many. If we were to prioritise, here is the list:

  • Teaching in a way that makes people feel they had the best trainer  
  • Make people learn long term
  • Making people feel they want to come back and be taught by you again and again
  • Mastery of the four corner stones of training
  • Knowing what to do at any given point in a course
  • Starting confidently and with ease
  • Learning how to facilitate a training course and keeping delegates constantly engaged
  • Improving your rating as a trainer and getting best feedback

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to teach others. If you are a subject expert in any field and want to learn how best to transfer your knowledge to others, and have fun with it while you are at it, this course is for you. It is suitable for anyone wanting to teach corporate training, technology, IT skills, soft skills, management, art and crafts or even sports. The course focuses on the most fundamental aspects of educational psychology, which are universal to human learning irrespective of the field.

Is there an assessment?

At the end of the course, you will deliver a 10 min presentation on a topic of your choice which is systematically analysed based on what is discussed in the course. You will then receive feedback from the tutor and other participants on your performance which can help you further.

Is there a homework for this course?

Yes, at the end of day one you must allocate time to complete several exercises. The result of these are used in the next day’s exercises so it is important that you complete them. You will also need to prepare further for your demo session based on what you learn on Day 1 and rehearse as necessary.

How many participants are in the course?

The course is limited to a maximum of 6 delegates to make sure each delegate receives ample attention.

Would I receive a certification?

The course is CPD accredited. At the end of the course you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from Skills Converged. You also get CPD certification. This is signed by the tutor and will be handed to you at the end.

Can I receive an invoice and pay direct by bank-to-bank transfer?

Sure, please contact support and let us know what course you like to book, and we can arrange this for you.

Can I get a receipt/invoice for this course?

If you order online, an email receipt is automatically generated and sent to your email. For anything else please contact support.

Can I talk to someone to see if this course is for me?

Yes. If you would like more information, or if you would like to know how you can benefit from the course, then please contact support or call Ethan Honary on 07876 083872 and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Do you have an online version of this train the trainer course?

Yes, we have carefully designed an online course that you can easily go through at your own pace from anywhere in the world. It is full of exercises so you can practice what is taught. Having gone through the whole course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. See Online Train the Trainer for more details.



FAQ for Train the Trainer: Core Skills - Online Course


Train the Trainer: Core Skills - Online Course FAQ


What makes this online course unique?

The course teaches you the most important principles of training. It helps you build a foundation on which you can teach with ease. You will learn how you can prevent almost any problem if you focus on having a solid foundation.

The course is designed based on a wide range of content from academia, our experience in course design & delivery and the feedback we receive from the training community who use our training materials. This has led to a system presented in this online course that you can easily apply and get immediate results.

What are the main benefits of this elearning course?

There are many. If we were to prioritise, here is the list:

  • Teaching in a way that makes people feel they had the best trainer  
  • Make people learn long term
  • Making people feel they want to come back and be taught by you again and again
  • Mastery of the four cornerstones of training
  • Knowing what to do at any given point in a course
  • Starting confidently and with ease
  • Learning how to facilitate a training course and keeping delegates constantly engaged
  • Improving your rating as a trainer and getting best feedback

Is there an assessment?

You will go through a variety of exercises and quizzes throughout the course. The final session includes an extended quiz that covers critical key points of the course. Having gone through the lessons and exercises, we expect you to pass through these quizzes with ease.

Would I receive a certification?

At the end of the online course, when you have completed all lessons and components of the course including quizzes, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from Skills Converged. This course is CPD accredited. You also get CPD certification.

Is this course the same as the book: Train the Trainer – The Art of Training Delivery?

No. The course starts by focusing on fundamentals such as facilitation training as we believe any trainer should know about them. In many areas the online course expands on the train the trainer book with original content and is much more interactive much like what you experience in an instructor-led course. Topics such as how to structure a course, how to start a course following a systemic formula, how to establish credibility, learning styles, engagement sequence, body language and many others are all new content not present in the book and are designed specifically for this course.  

In contrast, the book focuses on topics that are more suitable to be read in a book, such as various research and studies or theoretical aspects of why training should be done in a certain way. We aimed to use the online medium for what is good at, being interactive and more visual. In addition, we revisited each training topic that a trainer must be skilled at and analysed it to see how best it could be presented in an online course, irrespective of what is stated in the book.

The online course is designed with exercises, discussions and repetition at its core with an aim to help you learn, remember and apply the content.

If you are interested to learn about how to design courses based on how people learn, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and the practical art of running courses, consider our instructional design book.

How long is this course?

You can go through the online course at your own pace. It covers a similar amount of content to a 2-Day instructor-led course if you were to attend one in person. There are many exercises, discussion opportunities and quizzes, so it depends how quickly or slowly you go through the course.

Can I get a receipt/invoice for this course?

When you order online, an email receipt is automatically generated and sent to your email. For anything else please contact support.

Can I talk to someone to see if this course is for me?

Yes. If you would like more information, or if you would like to know how you can benefit from the course, then please contact support and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Does the price include VAT?

We are VAT exempt. There is no VAT component in our prices.

Do you have an instructor-led version of this train the trainer course?

Yes, you can attend the course in London where we run it regularly or elsewhere in the UK. Please see Train the Trainer Course for more details and the schedule.

Do you provide discounts for group bookings?

Yes, we provide discounts for booking 5 or more people. Please see the following page on group bookings for details.



FAQ for Train the Trainer Coaching


Train the Trainer Coaching FAQ

What will be discussed during the coaching session?

This is entirely up to you.  Over the one-hour video chat session, you will be face-to-face with the coach and can discuss anything related to your training delivery and design. For example, you can discuss presentation skills, handling questions, understanding learning styles, how to keep delegates engaged and so on. This can be for instructor-led training, online training, live virtual and the like.

At the end of a session you will be given assignments and actions to help you practice and address various training issues. These can then be discussed in the next session.

How many sessions do I get?

The coaching package comes with two one-hour sessions as well as evaluations and e-mail support outside coaching sessions to help support you in your progress.

You can purchase as many coaching packages as you need.

Do I need to take a train a trainer course?

There are no requirements for the coaching sessions. However, we highly recommend you consider enrolling into our Online Train the Trainer Course presented by Dr. Ethan Honary who will also be your coach. This way you get to become familiar with all the proven techniques through a systematic online course and can then follow this course with your coaching sessions to get the most from them. This allows you to discuss various techniques presented in the course as well as your experience of applying them, so you can receive support in the areas you need the most help.  


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