Effective Training

Train the Trainer: Effective Training


Effective Training


What kind of training is most effective?

The majority of businesses now understand the value of soft skills for their staff and how it helps to increase productivity at the workplace. Many are turning to independent training organisations and look for ways to get the best from their investment in their staff.

There are three critical factors that lead to a successful training course:

  • Understanding the needs of the delegates and the organisation under training
  • Access to a well-designed training course that can be easily customised based on the identified needs
  • A trainer who is familiar with the subject matter and more importantly proficient in the art of training


Why is it important to understand delegate’s needs and what is TNA?

Imagine yourself as a doctor who is trying to prescribe treatment without looking at symptoms or diagnosing the disease. In such a case even the most recent and developed treatment can proves to be useless or even harmful to your patient.

Soft skills training is about reprogramming the brain. It is about losing bad habits and replacing them with better ones. It is about helping people to question their beliefs and behaviours, some of which they might have had for years. If you don’t spend enough time understanding the underlying nature of your delegate’s needs and problems, your training will be a waste of time. In the training industry, this is usually carried out with Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Training Needs Analysis is explored in detail in Lesson #3 of the Train the Trainer Self-Study Course along with step-by-step guidelines on how to carry it out.


Where to get well-designed training courses?

Once you have identified the needs of your delegates and devised a training plan, you need to bring in your training course content. This is usually slides, workbooks, exercises, games, etc. that should be used to help “reprogram” the delegates during the course. Having state-of-the-art training material means you can use the latest findings and research in psychology, social sciences and behavioural studies to help your delegates to get the best from your course.

You have three choices here:

  1. You can develop your own training materials, which usually takes years to perfect. You need to aware of the field and the latest developments both in subject matter and also in training delivery and learning.
  2. Alternatively, you can buy training materials from suppliers such as us. This allows you to take advantage of expert knowledge who specialise in production of such content.
  3. The third and perhaps the best choice would be to combine both of the above choices. Obtain editable training materials, tailor them based on your delegates’ needs and improve the course each time you deliver it as you become more experienced and comfortable with the content.

Our training materials are designed in such a way to accommodate the last two options mentioned above. You can obtain off-the-shelf training materials from us in your specific subject and deliver it without the need to make any changes. All you need for an effective course will be provided. Alternatively, you can get the ready-made course from us and add your own content or tailor what we provide to create a more personalised training course. Whichever option you pick, it will lead to a successful and memorable training session. As we specialise on training delivery and development, we design the courses based on the latest trends in the industry and the respective fields. This enables you to get the best products at really affordable prices.


What makes you an effective trainer?

The third important factor in the success of a training course is you, the trainer. Countless training companies suggest that what makes a training course especial is the trainer. We think they are right. A good trainer is not necessarily one who knows more about the course topic than anyone else. The critical skill of a good trainer is the ability to teach and since this is a skill, it can be learned and mastered like all other skills. In other words, when it comes to teaching soft skills, it pays to become better at teaching than to become a world expert on, say, emotional intelligence.


What is the ultimate objective for a trainer?

Ultimately, you want the delegates to say that “this was the best course I ever had”. To achieve this, you need to make the course memorable. This means doing something that they don’t normally do, expect to do or have done in that manner in the past. Our off-the-shelf training materials comes with such options with engaging games, training exercises and example conversations which help delegates to fully absorb the content and remember it well in the future.

To achieve the ultimate objective, the more resources and ideas you have the better. Good trainers should be able to come up with new tricks as the course unfolds in order to respond to specific new needs that are highlighted. This can only be achieved when you have a large database of exercises, training content, stories, good and bad conversation examples and so on that you can easily present to the class. This is where we come in to help you as we provide a large variety of training resources in our products and we also provide one of the largest collections of free training materials on the net.

We hope these resources can help you to become the ultimate trainer.