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Train the Trainer Self Study Course

Train the Trainer Self-Study Course

Train Yourself with Our Free Train the Trainer Self-Study Course


Your Starting Point

Over the years, at Skills Converged we have developed many training resources and have made them available on this site for the training community.

A great way to start using these resources is to go through them piece by piece.

For this, we have explicitly developed a 20-Part Self-Study course that is delivered to you by email, one lesson at a time.

In each lesson, you will be introduced to a set of core skills that will help you provide outstanding training courses. Each lesson also leads you to various relevant resources, exercises and articles available on the site.


Who is This Course For

This course is specifically designed to help trainers such as you to get the most from your training courses.

The training principles discussed in our self-study course apply to delivery of all kinds of courses. They are not just limited to providing training on soft skills. The principles apply to teaching technical skills, software, management, arts and crafts.

The course is designed to accommodate the needs of people who are new to training as well as those who are experienced and have delivered courses in the past.

As the lessons progress forward, you will be introduced to more advanced training topics and get to examine your own training performance much more extensively.


How is the Course Structured

  • Learn at your own pace. Since you can go through the course at your own pace, you can control how much time you want to spend on each topic depending on your needs. Various references to training resources are provided in each lesson for further exploration and study.
  • Do homework. Each lesson is accompanied with homework. We recommend that you spend about an hour on the homework for each lesson to get the most from this course.
  • Learn from examples. Many examples are provided in the course so you can see how to apply the principles to everyday training situations.


What Areas Are Covered

In 20 lessons, you will learn about the following:

On Training Methodologies

  • How to avoid bad training delivery practices?
  • How to take advantage of principles of accelerated learning?

On Learning

  • How to maximise learning?
  • What are the barriers to learning and how to avoid them?
  • How to get the most from your training courses?

On Planning

  • What to plan before setting up a course?
  • How to conduct a Training Needs Analysis?

On Environment

  • What is the optimum way to arrange the training environment?

On Presentation Skills

  • How to start a course with maximum effect?
  • How to present confidently?
  • How to avoid poor statements that can hinder learning?

On Exercises

  • How to run exercises to get the most from them?
  • How to manage delegates?

On Motivation

  • What is the secret in keeping delegates constantly engaged?
  • How to avoid being boring?
  • How to make a topic more interesting?

On Training Impact

  • How to take advantage of the power of story-telling?
  • How to ask questions?
  • How to handle questions?

On Management

  • How to manage a group of delegates to reduce potential friction and create a trustable training environment?
  • How to respond when you are being challenged?

How to Receive This Course


You can easily sign up to receive this course in your mailbox.


A 20-Part Course and ongoing Training Resources by email

What Else You Get

In addition to the self-study course, by signing up you will also receive the following:

  • Announcements on new products and training materials as soon as they are released and made available
  • Exclusive training resources and articles sent to registered users only
  • You can download the free training package immediately after signing up 
  • Announcements on special offers


We promise to never share your e-mail address with third parties or market it in any shape or form. Privacy Policy

Readers' Testimonials

"It is a very relevant course [Train the Trainer Self-Study Course] and the materials are first class."

Rob Machin, Learning Support Advisor, Corporate Learning and Development, Police Headquarters, Bristol, UK

"Thank you so much for the notes [Train the Trainer Self-Study Course]. They've given me a few a-ha moments. I recently got awarded a Special Recognition Award at work, with awesome citations. So, I think I'm good at Training, and so do my students. But there is always room to learn something new. In my work environment we believe that what is good enough today, is mediocre tomorrow. So I'm always looking for ways to keep my skill relevant and have people queuing to attend my training sessions. Your site has been my most valuable find on the internet!"

Nontando Mlonzi, Aegis, South Africa

“I am very thankful for the online course. The content is well researched and thorough. I have attended train the trainer courses earlier as well and I believe this is one of the good ones I have come across!!”

Deepak Sharma, Regional Training Manager, HDFC Sales, New Delhi, India

"Thank you for sending the lessons, I am excited to learn from your organization. I really think I am going to love this and put what I learn to practice."

Veronica Reed, Nutrition/Disability Coordinator, Lancaster, USA

“I have gotten so far 3 lessons [of Train the Trainer Self-Study Course] and can’t wait to get the rest. I like them so much. Like the way you make them easy to follow and understand.”

Rami Abualsuud, Soft Skills Trainer, China

“I bought your e-book for train the trainer. It is amazing!!!!! I would like to buy more, but that is the only eBook. I live in Costa Rica. I am a lawyer and a certified mediator, but I am also the Dean of a Law School and a teacher of law and negotiation. So, I want to have all, all, all your material. It has been wonderful that I discovered your page.”

Rosa María Abdelnour Granados, Mediator, Costa Rica

“I have received 3 lessons and am thoroughly enjoying the learning experience. I’m looking forward to the additional lessons... The content is superb and the links are great!!! Thank you for an excellent program... please let the lessons rollin!!!”

Ms. Rehmat Ebrahim, Freelance Trainer and Teacher Educator, Karachi, Pakistan

"The [training lessons] came very timely because I have been preparing for a training module that I can share with my trainers. Thank you very much to you guys for providing these free training courses. More power to Skills Converged!"

Joseph Dino Orbeta, Training Consultant, Philippines

“The Train the Trainer Self Study course by Skills Converged is undoubtedly amazing. I am so glad to be associated with you since the launch. Each and every lesson is an eye opener for me as a Trainer and I religiously do follow them. Eagerly waits for Monday`s. I have attended many Train the Trainer courses however this module is truly practical and up to date.”

Raakhee Vijay Nair, Lead Training Consultant, Corporetta Pvt Ltd., India

"I wanted to thank you for your well-crafted and very useful courses! Keep the good work up! I will continue to recommend you to my friends and students!"

Jack Carney, Linkage For Life, Beijing, China

"Thank you so much for sending excellent notes and insights about different kinds of training. It really helps me to acquire new skills and knowledge."

Ralph Ogayon, HR Staff (Training), PHINMA Property Holdings Corp., Philippines

"I thoroughly enjoyed going through the material. It was very comprehensive and informative. I have been able to increase my understanding of the subject immensely. I also implemented some of the ideas in my classes."

Anupam Arora, Trainer, College of Banking & Financial Studies, Oman

"The lessons are very well structured and something I can relate to personally. I eagerly await the next lessons and sincerely thank the team for constructing this training in an easy to follow yet relevant format."

Yazad Patel, Council Member, Gerson Lehrman Group, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

"Message to Skills Converged Team: As it is my commitment to do what I'm advised on, I decided to put on paper as a gesture of a thank you to you guys because what I have learned through this course is unimaginable and to think that is a free course to anybody wanting to improve himself is a good story to tell."

Zebilon Mmekwa, Freelance Facilitator Trainer, South Africa

"I have received all three [lessons of train the trainer course] and putting in time to read through your wonderfully informative content! I am truly grateful to you for putting this together. I have a passion to train people especially in communications and I find much of what you send is just what I need! God Bless you all! Keep up the great work!"

Mr. Cheyne Wikramatilaka, Fantasia Elastics (PVT.) Ltd., SRI LANKA.

"This is to sincerely appreciate Skills Converged and all the invaluable training materials I have received from you. I can't quantify or qualify the great blessings I derived from the series. I am indebted to you and do sincerely hope I will receive more from your stable of rich articles and presentations."

Bitrus Chinoko, A Public Servant, Nigeria

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The main take away from Lesson 3, is that the training must be student/learner centered and not teacher centered. I, as the trainer, need to provide opportunities for the learners to interact with me,...

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I was amazed by the number and variety of instructional methods, we as trainers have at our disposal. I learned that it is important to match the appropriate instructional method to the topic and goal...

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Received lessons 4,5 & 6...very good information that can help to improve my training skills. Waiting for the next lessons. Many thanks.

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Very good lesson. it helps to improve my skills to become more effective in conducting a training course. Many thanks!

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In Lesson 2- I learned some useful training techniques and Identify the opportunity to improve my skills. Many thanks !

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Very good lesson. I learned a lot with the example. Waiting for the lesson's 2. I already selected some of your soft skills training materials for our training department use. But still under approval...

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Hi Training Community, Firstly, I would like to comment about the content that is well researched and fulfilling. One is able to reflect on the wrong methodology (lecturing), in all innocence, thin...

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Hi Attia, the easiet way is to email it to us.  Thanks

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First lesson content was a good reminder of trainer and training expectations. It is clear that course content, teaching methodologies and learning styles need to be considered in order to benefit del...

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