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Training Tutorials


If you are new to Skills Converged, start with this free course. The course guides you through a series of lessons on training methodologies and best practices. Each lesson leads you to various resources on this site and helps you to systematically explore the world of training.

Expand your training skills with a series of articles on how to deliver high-impact training courses.

A comprehensive set of articles and resources on body language for self-study or to train others on this topic. The illustrated guides help you improve your presentation skills and personal impact.

One of the largest collections of free training exercises on the net. Our Exercise Similarity Algorithm allows you to navigate the exercises in clusters. This helps you to quickly find closely related exercises that can suit your needs better.

In addition to exercises, many training articles are also provided that examine how learning works and how it can be improved.

We constantly extend this collection. The best way to stay up to date as new resources are added is to subscribe to RSS or receive them by email

A set of training resources, exercises and training tutorials which you can instantly download for free.