Who uses Training Resources?


 What Are Training Materials For?

Here are some of the situations that may apply to you and how you can benefit from our training materials:


Meeting demand

You are asked to do a course next week, but have no training materials ready to use. You can obtain training materials quickly to meet the demand.


Extending course portfolio

You have been teaching “communication skills” and now feel comfortable to expand your course portfolio with several other courses such as “assertiveness skills”, “emotional intelligence” and “giving feedback”. However, you don’t really know if there is enough demand. Rather than spending a considerable amount of time and effort preparing these courses, you save time by buying them. This way, you improve your course without having spent precious time on something that could have been wasteful.


Setting up an agency

You want to setup a training agency. You need 20 to 30 courses. Developing the content with take you a considerable amount of time and budget. In addition, you want to control the training delivery and keep the content consistent. You can buy several courses as a package from the same training materials supplier and save a lot of time and money on the development of training materials.


Updating your courses

You want to use different exercises, training activities and methods on a topic that you are currently teaching. You can obtain training materials and integrate the new content (such as several interesting exercises) into what you already have.


Updating your knowledge and getting inspired

You want to read on about the topic you teach to get yourself updated with the latest research and improve your training delivery skills to become more successful in today’s competitive market.


Have more control over the content

You used to order workbooks and pay royalty on each copy you obtained. You had to order them, pay for shipment and wait for delivery. After delivery, quite often there was a need to edit the content based on delegates’ feedback or your own training style. However, since the workbooks came in a printed format, this was not possible. You had to relay the feedback to the provider and hope that they will be implemented in the next version. The process was very slow and even simple errata took forever to be corrected. By turning to royalty-free training materials which are fully editable and digitally delivered, you can accelerate the process and update the content based on your specific needs.

Skills Converged provides high-quality, well-researched, royalty free, digitally editable content to make your training life easier.

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