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Public Speaking Exercise: How to Appear Confident by Adjusting Your Body Language

Public Speaking Exercise: How to Appear Confident by Adjusting Your Body Language
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Many people find public speaking daunting. They get butterflies in stomach, feel nervous and sometimes simply refuse to give a public presentation when they can get away with it. It doesn’t have to be this way and a great way to overcome the lack of confidence is to adopt the behaviour artificially. 

Research shows that when you adopt a particular facial expression, such as smiling, you start to feel happy. In other words, the physical imitation of a smile can make you feel happy. The same applies to non-verbal gestures. If you stand straight, you are more likely to feel strong than if you slouch. If you are looking ahead while walking, you appear to me more energetic and determined than if you look at the ground. Using a similar approach, this exercise aims to boost people's confidence so they can present confidently to public.

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Body Language Quiz

Body Language Quiz
:: Article Rating :: Exercises, Quiz, Body Language, Personal Impact, Interview Skills

This is quick quiz on body language. It encourages delegates to put their knowledge on body language to test and see how well they can respond to realistic situations.

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Powerful Body Language Strategies

Powerful Body Language Strategies
:: Article Rating :: Public Speaking, Training Articles, Body Language, Personal Impact, Interview Skills

When conducting meetings and interacting with other people, your body language can become a critical part of your communication and may even come to define your success or failure.

There are a number of simple yet powerful strategies which can make your encounters more productive and effective. If you are an office worker, you can use these strategies to have an edge over your colleague, client or even your boss. If you are a trainer you can use them to make your training more effective and memorable. These body language strategies are as follows...

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