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Conflict Resolution Exercise: Discussion Template

Conflict Resolution Exercise: Discussion Template
Conflict Management, Exercises, Assertiveness, Anger Management, Brainstorming

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This exercise helps delegates to explore the nature of a given topic. It helps generate a discussion around that topic and see how people view it differently. Through these discussions delegates can see if their views are markedly different from those of others and if so what it may suggest when they interact with others. The aim is to provide an insight into one’s own view of a given topic.

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Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence

Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence
Exercises, Anger Management, Goal Setting, Giving Feedback, Self-esteem

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This exercise is useful in showing people how resourceful they already are. People who suffer from lack of self-esteem tend to focus on their weaknesses or to blame others for their problems. This lack of belief in their abilities makes them less confident which in turn confirms their negative beliefs. Most of their energy is then spent figuring out who did wrong and who is to blame.

This exercise helps to break this cycle by highlighting that everyone has certain resources and strengths that they can tap into. When a person doesn’t see his strengths, he starts to develop a defeatist personality. This exercise helps bring positive strengths and qualities to surface, kick starting a more positive view of life.

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Conflict Resolution Exercise: Help Me Out!

Conflict Resolution Exercise: Help Me Out!
Conflict Management, Exercises, Communication Skills, Anger Management, Difficult People

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The aim of this exercise is to draw attention to the number of conflicts and similar stressful situations experienced by delegates in one week and use others in the group to come up with reasonable solutions for each conflict.

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